Prayer Rooms

In Durham we have two prayer rooms open both to students and non-students. Due to COVID however we are temporarily restricted to the Grey College Prayer Room only.

Access to prayer rooms are limited. To get access to the prayer room you must book a slot in advance. The link to book is below:

There are additional guidelines which you must follow:

  • DO NOT come to the prayer facility if you or any person of your household has COVID-19 symptoms; a high temperature, a new and/or continuous cough, loss or change to your sense of smell or taste.
  • DO NOT enter the prayer facility if you have not booked a slot via the Islamic Society.
  • To access the prayer room, follow the instructions on the Islamic Society poster.
  • If you need help booking, then contact the ISOC exec.
  • If you need chairs or extra facilities, then contact the ISOC exec.
  • Contact society if you are POSITIVE after coming in.
  • Please ensure you use the alcohol free hand sanitiser on entry and exit.
  • Do not shake hands or hug each other.
  • Bring your own shoe bag and keep your shoes with you when you pray. Shoe racks are out of use during this time. 
  • Wear a face mask or covering inside the prayer facility, including when praying. 
  • Please ensure you bring your own prayer mat for praying, and take it back with you when you leave the prayer facility. 
  • Ensure wudhu/ablution is carried out at home. Where this is not possible, there is a maximum capacity of one person at any one time and limited access to the washrooms.
  • Maintain safe distancing at all times, especially at the entrance and exit, and when praying. 
  • Please note maximum capacity of the facility; 18 people- 14 brothers 4 sisters.
  • Please leave immediately after you have completed your prayer to allow others to use the facility. 
  • If you wish to socialise, please ensure this is done appropriately AWAY from the prayer facility. 
  • Qur’ans and books will not be available to use in the prayer facility during this time. You can read from your own Qur’an copy or digital Qur’an on your phone.
  • Do NOT leave personal items in the prayer room.
  • For further guidance, please refer to the ‘Grey prayer facility Covid19 risk assessment’ a copy of this can be found on the building management board in the reception area. 
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